Fingerboard Geometry

This is an article originally published in Bass World Vol. 39.3. In it, the radius of the fingerboard and its role in playability gets dissected. The template used at the end of article is available here.

Neck Geometry

This tutorial shows step by step how to design an accurate neck template for a bass using CAD software. The software used for this demo is Rhino, but the process will be the same  regardless of the software. Note that the measurements used in this demonstration are specific to this model. The purpose of this tutorial is to show a process for designing a neck based on the measurements you want.

String Tension

This is a spreadsheet comparing the different brands of bass strings according to their tension. Because all manufacturers use different string lengths to specify their tension, this spreadsheet calculates the theoretical value of every string at 41.5″ There is an additional section for solo tuning strings tuned to orchestral pitch at 41.5″ as well. All tension data comes from the manufacturers. All figures have been converted to inches and pounds.